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How to Get Things Done, When the Answer is No

It's s a classic situation for a growth marketer; you're all wound up about this great idea just to be punched in the face with a heavy list of reasons to why you can't do it.

Sounds familiar? It is easy to be discouraged in that situation, however, I decided to take it as a personal challenge not to let myself get demotivated that easily. So what I've learned is that on many occasions you can actually make your ideas to happen. The key is to be curious, creative and willing to get your hands dirty. By taking this approach, I have managed to make many ideas to happen that at first glance neither had the technical support, financial infrastructure, legal requirements or the right internal alignment in place.

Looking back at it, it has boiled down to a few key principles that has really helped me to get my ideas realized.

And don't forget patience. The bigger the organisation, the more of it you're probably going to need.

Here are 7 Steps to Help You Realise Your Ideas

1. Ask Curiously Why

Whether it is tech, legal, finance or any other department you are discussing with - try to really understand the core reason to why your idea has been declined. Most people don't like to say no for the sake of it, so ask in a curious way what it is in your idea that is non-doable. If it is a legal reason, then don't settle with the answer “it is not compliant with law X”. Understan